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Food-related businesses must ensure the highest cleanliness and hygiene to maintain the safety of the people. Consumers and health authorities both demand higher quality and standards for food and the entire production chain. There is a wider range of regulations and certifications necessary for guaranteeing food safety and ensuring the business's credibility. Earthy Ace assists in achieving Certification such as FSSAI,APEDA,IEC,and Organic certificates.

Product Development

Earthy Ace is one of the best service assurers for consultancy services. We deal with product development assistances and provide many benefits for that, like product formulation, packaging consultancies, and label content creation and designing. Starting with the initial stages and then also dealing with branding services like label designing and creation, and help the businesses in assuring the best final products.

Marketing research

To promote the brand in the best possible manner and properly target the right audience, different businesses and packaged food providers require immense market research that Earthy Ace is an expert in. We precisely consider all the business scenarios and then do all the research to develop the best marketing and monetization tactics and advertisement ways to reach the right audience adequately.


Labels are an essential matter pasted over the packaged food from all the brands and in all the types. Label content and design play an important role in enhancing the credibility and branding of a company. Earthy Ace has a team of experts to provide the best consultancy service on the matter. We help the businesses in collaborating with the other best label content creators and designers.

Product Formulation

Product Formulation involves the entire process of transforming the raw materials into the finished good. For the food and beverage industry, product formulation plays a vital role, and we help our clients efficiently achieve it. We also promote the clients in going with the safest and most reliable measures for achieving product formulations.

Packaging consultancy

-The food industry involves several important factors, including the packaging of cooked and uncooked food materials. Earthy ace deals with some highest quality packaging services and provides the best consultancy to the businesses to go for the right ones according to their food materials.

Overseas Collaborations

The market now is not limited to region or country. With global development, many companies are looking for overseas collaboration consultancy. We at Earthy Ace offer top-notch overseas collaboration consultancy which is required by the businesses. We have a team of experts for building business plans for foreign collaboration. We can help you generate a strategy for global corporate matters, plans for a start-up business, and reviewing the growth plans from time to time.


Trademark registration is a tricky part of product development. If the business does not register for a trademark at the right time, there could be a great threat to the business competition. The trademark registration and application services for the intellectual property of the business is part of the product development and sustainability. A trademark is a unique expression of the business aspect whether it is about service or product. Designing and registering the trademark according to the law is an essential aspect of the product development cycle.

Food & Beverages Process Plant on Turnkey Basis

We provide consultancy services for the business houses to plan and set the Food & Beverages Process Plant on Turnkey Basis. We can offer you to select, plan, and process the project with precision. The location and costing consultancy is included within our services. We layout the market potential for your Food & Beverages Process Plant, selection of machinery, and available reliable vendors in the market. We also help with the training programs for such projects. We also assist the clients with the installation of machinery, processing of food and beverages, and developing strategies for marketing them.

Business strategy advisor

Earthy Ace is one of the most prominent firms providing advices on several business strategies. We focus on the business's needs and goals and then do all the brainstorming to develop the right approach to expand and enhance their services. Earthy Ace is the one-stop destination for all the newer food businesses, requiring better company strategizing for marking their reign in the global market.


Presently, Earthy Ace is dealing with multiple consulting services like the food certificate achievement procedure, production formulations, packaging related consultancy, providing raw material, label designing and content related consultancy, marketing research services, and advisory on business management and strategy.

Earthy Ace is managed by Tender Leaf India Pvt Ltd

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